Whoa!!! Have you ever had a dream that seemed so damn real? Like you woke up trying to fall back asleep so that you can re-experience it. Well trust and believe, I have definitely been there. One moment stands out when I had a dream about #ForeverFathers back in 2011. I seen myself helping fathers bridge the gap between them and their children. I was in a mighty trial at that time dealing with an ugly divorce and a horrible custody battle with the ‘Other Parent’. So, I would be asking myself and God how am I to help anyone when I’m going through myself. It took years, but the vision would not let me nor it go. Everyone I would tell the idea and concept to would be like, “When does it launch or drop?” I then would go in my shell and say soon or idk…I allowed fear and the unknown to keep my dream and vision in the dark. Don’t be like me…Do Better!




So, my testimony today is NEVER allow self to block or hinder your progress of birthing out your Dreams and Visions. Today my website Launched with my #ForeverFathers T-shirts and I will be doing a 2-Day Podcast with other fathers for this Father’s Day Weekend. Never give up on Y0U! Dream Your Vision 0ut Loud!

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